We are a clean beauty agency.

We develop, create, market, & support clean beauty brands.

Ethereal Clean Beauty is a modern agency rooted in the wisdom of nature. We believe that health is harmony. 

Inclusive, Conscious Beauty for all Human-Kind

Why Beauty? Why Now?

Health conscious consumers are demanding clean, hygienic, and non-toxic ingredients.

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Reframe Your Beauty POV

We see Clean Beauty as a movement. From skincare, haircare, personal care, and cosmetics to the expanded definitions of wellness and self-care, the beauty industry is changing with the consumer.

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Naturally Serious, we have a simple, straightforward skincare mantra we live by. Clean. Natural. Seriously. repeat after me, Clean. 

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A Joy to Work With!

Nicole and the Ethereal team are a joy to work with! They are extremely  knowledgeable about the industry and utilize their expertise to set realistic expectations for customer satisfaction. Ethereal's focus on transparency and sustainability along with their open lines of communication make this agency a fantastic partner for all of your creative needs.


Delivers Incredible Results!

These are the epic words to describe my experience with Nicole and her impeccable team of creatives. I have worked in my field over 25 years and live and breath my brand. Trusting Nicole and her team to bring my creative visions to life has been such a healing experience. Nicole is one of the best at what she does, genuinely cares about her clients and her team delivers above and beyond every single time. I am blessed to have found Nicole as she deeply cares about everyone she works with and makes it a point to deliver incredible results. To say I am a satisfied client is an understatement. I am in awe of the integral base work ethic that Nicole and her team provides. I will continue to work with Nicole and her team as the vibes are unmatched.